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Dear Adrianne —

Happy New Year 2018!

The midterm elections 2018 are our first major opportunity to hold the Republican Party accountable.

They have been letting Trump get away with his attacks on the democratic institutions so important to everything we hold dear about the United States, while also destabilizing the world, making inequality worse, and endangering the future of our planet as we know it.

This is when the rubber hits the road.

To vote together with millions of Americans at home and overseas, you need to request an absentee ballot every election year, even if you voted absentee in the last election. Now is the time.

Go to to register to vote and request your absentee ballot now for you and your family living in Sweden.

Don’t forget to remind your American friends living abroad to request their ballot too.

The website provides an easy-to-use tool to help you register to vote and request your absentee ballot, and also answers many of the most common questions, and there is a voter help desk for support.

Let’s take back Congress together in 2018!


Alex Lange

Chair, DA Sweden

#DAresists #VoteFromAbroad


The Best Julklap Ever

From my Goddaughter in Berlin.


ToStockholm’s Festive December

ToStockholm's Festive December
ToStockholm's Festive December
Nobel Week 6-12 December

Press Conferences and Lectures will be held during the week crescendoing with Nobel Day on the 10th with the Prize Award Ceremony. Free entrance to the Nobel Museum (10AM – 6PM)

Nobel Week Program

ToStockholm's Festive December

3/12 – 1st of Advent
On Sunday the 3rd of December count down begins for Christmas. The first candle is lit

10/12 – Nobel Day & 2nd of Advent
The ceremony as well as the banquette can be watched live on Swedish television. The second candle is lit.

13/12 – Sankta Lucia
Don’t miss the candlelit Lucia procession. Check your local church, visit Skansen or snuggle up and watch it on TV with some Glögg.

17/12 – 3rd of Advent
3rd candle is lit.

21/12 – Winter Solstice
The shortest day of the year

24/12 – Julafton
Christmas Eve – this is when the Swedes celebrate Christmas with “Jultomten”

ToStockholm's Festive December
ToStockholm’s Glögg Recipe

  • 1 bottle of red wine (750 ml)
  • 1 pinch cardamom seeds (1ml kardemumma)
  • 1 tbsp cloves (5ml nejlika)
  • 1 cup sugar (2dl socker)
  • Rind from half an orange
  • A stick of cinnamon
  • Blanched almonds and raisins
  1. Poor the wine in to a pot. Crush the cardamom seeds in a mortar and add this to the wine together with the cloves, sugar, orange rind and cinnamon stick.
  2. Warm under slow heat and make sure all the sugar dissolves – do not let it boil unless you want alcohol free Glögg! If you want to spice it up even more, you can add some Vodka.
  3. Pour through a fine strainer into small cups adding some almonds and raisins.
The Nobel Banquette and Nobel Menu
In the basement of the City Hall of Stockholm you will find Stadshuskällaren. This restaurant first opened in 1922 and reopened in 2012 after extensive renovations. Here you can enjoy a unique culinary experience by ordering the 2016 year Nobel menu, created by renowned chef Sayan Isaksson and pastry chef Daniel Roos.
ToStockholm's Festive December
The 2016 Nobel Dinner

Charcoal baked langoustine and scallop,
served with nettles, ramson and pickled winter apples

Quail from Södermanland in black garlic and leek ash
with Jerusalem artichoke, preserved wild mushrooms
and jus of roasted chicken skin and mustard seed

Cloud of sudachi fruit, cloudberry sorbet, miso crumbs
and deep-fried rice paper

Your Nobel Menu will be served on the same tableware, designed by Professor Karin Björquist, that is used at the annual Nobel Banquet. For larger parties they are happy to prepare any of the menus served at the Nobel banquet since 1901 – why not try the same menu that Marie Curie ate in 1911 (she is by the way the only one to receive the Nobel Prize twice)! Check out the menus from previous years:

The menu is a well kept secret until it is served at the banquette. Here you can order your Nobel Dinner – Smaklig Måltid!

For more information check our website

or contact:


Happy Thanksgiving!

A colleague in the States wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and then added, “Thanksgiving must be different in Sweden”. And it is. But then again it isn’t.

Happy Thanksgiving
Photo: K. Andersson

I like to think I am known among my Swedish family for my “turkey dinners”. Though the grandkids love my mother-in-love’s turkey, as they should.

Happy Thanksgiving
Kitchen & Table’s spread

The part of Thanksgiving that is the same in Sweden for me is that thankful component. One of the MANY things for which I am grateful this year is our successful and safe move back to Sweden. And that includes being thankful for the American Women’s Club. No one else in Stockholm knows how to pull together such a diverse bunch of American women for Thanksgiving like the Club does.

Happy Thanksgiving
The chef plated it up beautifully.

The lunch brings in our newest members along with our lifetime members who have been in Stockholm since the 70’s. It’s a great excuse to take a long lunch and to invite friends who are not members of the club. And Kitchen & Table were so thankful for us being there that they gave us wonderful goodies bags with special offers and a special seasoning.

Happy Thanksgiving

Nice things happen to me in Sweden.


Another Buzzador moment for Zeta tomatoes

Zeta Tomater – Zeta tomatoes

I used my second #buzzador can of Zeta tomatoes for a chicken pasta bake. This time I used the fine crushed version. Jag använde min andra #buzzador kan av Zeta-tomater för en kycklingpasta bake. Den här gången använde jag den fina krossade versionen.

Zeta tomater
That’s my dinner for four done! Det är min middag för fyra gjort!

I roasted chicken breasts and added them to a cream sauce with bacon and rosemary. I added cooked bowtie pasta and a can of Zeta tomatoes. I poured it in a casserole and sprinkled a bit of panko and parmesan on top. Jag rostade kycklingbröst och lade dem till en krämsås med bacon och rosmarin. Jag lade till kokt bowtie pasta och en burk Zeta-tomater. Jag hällde den i en gryta och sprinklade lite panko och parmesan på toppen.


*I’m a buzzador and this is my first buzz. I got to try out Zeta canned tomatoes in three varieties. I agreed to buzz about what I made and am doing that with pleasure. Then 10 best picture sharers will win 300 kr worth of products from Zeta.

*Jag är en buzzador och det här är min första buzz. Jag fick prova Zeta konserverad tomater i tre sorter. Jag kom överens om att jag tyckte om vad jag gjorde och gjorde det med nöje. De 10 bästa bilderna vinner produkter från Zeta värde 300 kronor!

#ZetaTomaterbuzz #Buzzador

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