Teaching Stockholm Kids to Jump for the Sky

Lucie B Linder is a champion jumper. Not long jump, but jump rope.

She hails from New York City but fell in love in Sweden and is now married and living in Stockholm.

For the past 2 years, she has been living and working her dream by teaching school-age kids to jump rope, compete, win, and be physically and mentally fit. It wasn’t always easy during Lucie’s transition to life in Sweden, but her perseverance paid off.


I Went to Washington, DC and Came Back with this Cool Award!

It truly was an amazing day at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC for the Sisterhood Agenda Sisterhood of Greatness Award Ceremony.
PICTURED – Angela Coleman, Founder & President of Sisterhood Agenda, 2nd from L – Adrianne George, Founder of Black Women in Europe, 3rd from R – Ayana Coleman-Dixon, Sisterhood Agenda Secretary, and Blanche A. Williams, author of the Sisterhood Manifesto.
The ancestors truly were with us in the Oprah Winfrey Theater and I am grateful and proud to have accepted this award for all of the Black Women in Europe family.
International Woman

International Woman of the Year! Presented by IWOSA

International Woman of the Year! Presented by IWOSA

The individuals in the International community must recognize the fabulous women who are doing a remarkable job in the international community in Sweden. It’s our job to let them know their hard work is seen and appreciated.

After reading did someone come to mind? Nominate Her!  Here’s how to nominate International Woman of the Year.

International Woman

Fill out the Attached Form.

You will need the name of Nominee.
Email of Nominee.
Link to Nominee Website or Social Account.
Tell us why in your own words why you think this person should me nominate?
Deadline is Dec 18, 2019

We will award the winner January 2020 At our Premiere Mingle for IWOSA.

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