If you’re an American in Stockholm it may not be too late for you to vote today.

I woke up scared today. I know two African Americans who live outside of the US who have not voted in their State’s midterm elections. I feel like I have failed and it makes me cry real tears. But if you haven’t voted and woke up today wanting to, depending on your State you can fax your ballot in today. I had to use the FWAB because mine never arrived. Find out here: Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)
The FWAB serves as a backup ballot if the voter does not receive the requested absentee ballot in time. offers a FWAB online assistant that guides users through the form-completion process, as well as, a fillable PDF form of the FWAB for download.
FWAB Online Assistant (
Fillable FWAB (
You must use your State Instructions when using the Fillable PDF to complete your FWAB (
2018 Winter Festival

2018 Winter Festival – Looks amazing!

Välkommen till Winter Show den 10-11 november i Kungsträdgården.
Ett härligt event för er som älskar vinteraktiviteter.
Gratis entré och alla aktiviteter är kostnadsfria, skidutrustning finns dessutom att låna på plats.
Lördagen den  10 november kl.10:00-16:00
Söndagen den 11 november kl.10:00-16:00

För mer information titta in på

Vi bygger en skidbacke mitt i Stockholm

Vi är så glada att Romme Alpin vill bygga en inbjudande skidbacke tillsammans med på Winter Show. Alla besökare kan testa på att åka skidor, utrustning att låna finns på plats. Romme Alpin bjuder också på gratis skidskola. Missa nu inte säsongens första repa, för din skull så fraktar vi in över 200 kubik med snö för alla våra aktiviteter.

Barnens Vasalopp

Tillsammans med Barnens Vasalopp bygger vi ett skidspår där barnen kan testa skidåkning. Som vanligt kan besökarna låna utrustning på plats och naturligtvis är det kostnadsfritt!

Testa på Skidskytte

7-17 mars 2019 går Skidskytte-VM av stapeln i Östersund.
Under Winter Show gästar de oss och alla besökare kan prova på skytte och tävla om biljetter hos VM-organisationen som är på plats under helgen!

Möt söta slädhundar

Träffa Bjursås på Winter Show som tar med sig sina urgulliga slädhundar.
De lottar även ut fina priser på deras chokladhjul och bjuder på våfflor.

Missa inte att prata om deras härliga skidanläggning på plats.


Möt Andorra på Winter Show som har två kanonerbjudanden endast under helgen!
1 vecka i Andorra 5 995:- .
1 vecka i Baquiera 8 995:-

För mer info gå till deras monter under Winter Show

Seen in Stockholm

Happy Halloween and Get Ready for Christmas!

This picture says it all, as seen in my local Hemköp.

Halloween and Christmas

Seen in Stockholm

Seen in Stockholm

I love seeing this beautiful woman on the cover of a magazine in a waiting room in Stockholm. Diversity 😉

The Latest Good, Bad and Ugly News from Sweden

The Good


Now There Are Plans for ‘e-Krona’ in Cash-Shy Sweden

Sweden is becoming increasingly cashless. Credit and debit cards are now by far the most common mode of payment while mobile payments have become as common as cash. A parliament committee has proposed that the largest banks should be forced to handle cash in an effort to halt the development. This year, only 13 percent of Swedes paid for their most recent purchase in cash, down from 39 percent in 2010. Read the full story.

The Bad


Sweden predicted to face downturn after economic boom.

According to the National Institute on Economic Research, Sweden’s growth rate will peak at 2.4 percent this year and then come to a halt in 2019. Moreover, while the unemployment rate is expected to continue to sink in the coming year and dip to 6.2 percent, it will then start to rise, the Institute’s latest prognosis states. Read the full story.

The Ugly

After the failure of centre-right Ulf Kristersson (left) to form a government, the Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven (right) is currently leading the Swedish government coalition negotiations. © News Øresund – Johan Wessman (CC BY 3.0)

The battle for which party will lead the next Swedish government drags on. Support for the far-right Sweden Democrats rose significantly in the election on 9 September (it is now the third-biggest party with 17.5% of votes and 62 parliamentary seats), while mainstream parties both on the left and the right declined. Read the full story.


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