Gilda Skolan

Get In Your Spa Services Today

Who doesn’t like a day at the spa?

I certainly do. But affording it is another thing. The good news is that you can get world class spa services at Gilda Skolan at fantastic rates because the services are performed by advanced students.


The bad news is that I didn’t know about this in 2008 when I first took up residence in Stockholm. Or know that there is a school in Gothenburg and in thee largest city in the south of Sweden.


I discovered Gilda Skolan as a blogger at Stockholm Beauty Week when they gave me bold brows.

I HIGHLY recommend them for women, men and teens. In fact, I can’t wait to go back.

Hollywood Skin

Hollywood Skin Made in Sweden

I am doing self care like I mean it.

I know you now how stressful expat life in Sweden can be. For me it is the constant nag of missing my precious family and dear friends, the navigating the nuances of a society I have adopted, and the endless waiting for everything to really and truly feel like home.

I had such fun at Stockholm Beauty Week as a blogger discovering new products. For me, one new discovery was Hollywood Skin. And I’m so glad to be introduced to these woman-created luxurious products. So, here we go!

I encourage you to practice self love too. Feel free to use my referral code for Hollywood Skin. I’m going to do this expat thing with love.

Stockholm Beauty Week

A Video Glimpse of Stockholm Beauty Week 2019

Stockholm Beauty Week had its own theme song and dance number. Seriously.


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If you missed Stockholm Beauty Week this year, here are 3 short videos to take you through the exhibitions.


Did you catch Maria Åkerberg checking things out? And I ran into the cutest and youngest attendee. Isn’t she adorbs?



I wish shoulder rubs were on offer. Maybe I should have asked 😉


Cleopatra’s secret was revealed by the Mathilde B representative. Can you guess what the key ingredient is?

Here is the long version.

High School

These High School Graduates Had Great Weather For Their Ride Around

Just stay clear of their trucks or you might get beer sprayed on you.

I think it is a fun tradition not wasted on the young because who else would welcome a beer shower?

High School

Luckily we were following at a safe distance.


Make Money Mondag: 4 Important Things to Know About U.S. Student Loans

Create a free investment plan with Ellevest* that crunches the numbers based on the realities of gender-based pay.

If you’ve got student loans in the US, you want a plan that helps you pay as little as possible in interest and fees. If you don’t, YAY for you! Whoot Whoot! Feel free to share this post with a friend who does. She’ll thank you for it if she’s struggling with them. student loans
Here’s an explainer from Ellevest. NOTE: If you are outside of the US use a VPN to read this excellent article. “We want you to meet Ellevest because Stockholm Expat is super excited to be working with them to start this conversation about women and money, and we will receive compensation if you become an Ellevest client.”
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