Sweden Eco Test on my Sweden

I have received official blogger credentials for Stockholm Beauty Week for two years in a row. Last year I was blown away by it all and was saddened that I was unable to attend this year. But I didn’t let that prevent me from experiencing the excitement of it all through pictures and videos and by testing products.

This time, I got my Swede to test a natural skincare line that launched last year at Stockholm Beauty Week created by Tony Irving.

Sweden Eco – Skincare for men is skincare for the conscientious man. For the man who wants excellent skincare results while nurturing his health and our environment. Our products are 100% natural and made primarily with certified organic ingredients. The ingredients are carefully selected and all production is in Sweden. Aloe vera and green tea comprise the base of the products, making them effective, gentle and long-lasting. The products have the light, fresh scent of sandalwood and cloves.

All products are 100% vegan and approved by Animal Rights Sweden and PETA. Sweden Eco is produced by RS Biokosmetik, which has spent 35 years making natural skincare products.

I can’t tell you how excited I was that my Swede agreed to test three products from the range. He enjoys his daily showers so we went for the Shampoo for body and hair. What started as a vacation beard this summer became a keeper (yaaas!) so he agreed to test the Beard and Face Oil. And who doesn’t need a good, safe deodorant? So adding an eco-safe one was a joy.

Shampoo, beard oil, deo

Here’s my Swede holding:


A mild organic shower cream/shampoo for hair and body that effectively moisturizes. Contains argan and jojoba oils which protect, nurture, and strengthen hair and skin. Mix a small quantity with water in your hand and distribute it onto wet hair and body. Massage in and rinse out; finish with cool water. Excellent for dry skin and scalp. Suitable for all skin and hair types.


Exclusive and organic beard and facial oil. Softens the beard and has a nourishing effect on the skin. Contains nutrient-rich and active oils from watermelon seeds, chia, crambe, and argan. Concentrated, use a few drops onto moistened beard/skin. Excellent as a massage oil for the face. Suitable for all skin types.


An organic, mild, and effective deodorant. Made to withstand tough workouts and gentle on skin. The base is composed of fairtrade aloe vera, which softens skin and protects against irritation. Contains natural salts to counteract odour.

Pre shower!

First up was the Shampoo for Hair and Body. My Swede used just a little and he said he could have used even less. He reported a very enjoyable shower experience and he smelled absolutely delicious afterward!

Post shower!!! Too bad you can’t experience smells through this post. But it was yums!

Next was the Beard and Face Oil. We’re still learning how to manage his facial hair.

Face and beard oil. Use by the drop.

Just like with the shampoo, only a little of this oil is needed to treat the face and beard. He started with a couple of drops massaged into his face, and then a few more for his beard. And then he combed the beard.

And we topped this off with the deodorant. Again, my Swede felt like he could have used less and I’m telling you, the layering effect worked so well. He smelled wonderful ALL day. I couldn’t resist going in for extra hugs and whiffs.

Sweden Eco’s products have not gone unnoticed by the industry and for a newcomer, their deodorantAwards is receiving top marks, not just from me 😉 My Swede and I highly recommend this product line for men. It has everything you want and nothing you don’t. Find the full line on the Sweden Eco website.


Stockholm Expat

Face masks should be worn indoors, Academy of Sciences recommends

  • A specialist group of experts at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has been looking at the scientific evidence.
  • Better ventilation is also needed if one stays inside for a long time with other people, e.g in public transport, it says in a new report.
  • Academy member and professor of virology Maria Masucci tells us there’s no evidence that face coverings make people take more risks, in contrast to the fears of the Public Health Agency.



Ateljé Eliza Designs-She Creates Unique Statement Clothing

Eliza has been creating, designing, and handcrafting clothing for decades.

I discovered her from Stockholm Beauty Week 2020. I was an accredited blogger for the Black Women on Europe® Blog in 2019 and 2020 but couldn’t attend this year. Since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, I haven’t left my county and I am now in Halland.

But I was in the neighborhood of Eliza’s workshop and boutique over the weekend. Her town neighbors our summer house town and although summer is gone we have mild weather for this season.

Eliza is so lovely and she was a gracious host who enthusiastically and lovingly showed me and my Swede her heart-centered creations. She makes everything herself and the quality and originality are outstanding.

I could have left the shop with one of everything in my size. Even my Swede (who is high fashion-challenged) was drawn to one of Eliza’s flagship designs. The designs are both classic yet modern, timeless yet cutting edge.

I have Ateljé Eliza Design goals. Visit her website. She’ll create something custom for you.


My vote counts

How to Vote From Abroad in the Georgia Senate Runoffs

A Step By Step Guide!

You can check your Absentee Ballot Status on www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do

If it shows that your Absentee application has been received for the Jan 5th Runoff, you don’t need to submit a new Federal Post Card Application(it is what you complete when you register to vote or request your absentee ballot on votefromabroad.org) . It should look something like this:

uploaded by user

If it doesn’t show that your Absentee application has been received, you can vote in the Runoff but you need to submit an FPCA by email by Jan 5th.

If you aren’t registered to vote but will be 18 by Jan 5, you can vote in the Runoff but you need to submit an FPCA by email by Dec 7th.

Mail in a Federal Emergency Write-In Absentee Ballot FWAB now as ballots won’t be available until Nov 21 (Georgia election officials said they would send out ballot even if the recount isn’t finished). Because the FWAB isn’t set up for 2 Senate races, here’s a mock-up FWAB showing you how to fill it out:

uploaded by user

Because of the mail disruptions from COVID and Christmas, you should mail back your ballots ASAP. Regular mail may work in November, but by Dec it’ll be too late and you should definitely use a courier if you wait until then.

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