Expat survey participants wanted by university student.


My name is Steve Oliva and I’m a student in 4th year of social Psychology. I’m interested by the expatriation experience and in the context of my studies, I made a survey to understand the feelings of the people during and after their assignment abroad.

Thank you very much for the time you will give my research. This survey is quick to answer. Furthermore, the responses are anonymous and confidential. No first or last name appear in my answers lists. If you have a few minutes of your precious time to give me, it would be a nice contribution to science!

take the survey

You will find below the links to my survey : 

If you are currently living an expatriation (for a period greater than 6 months ) :


If you came back from an expatriation assignment (that lasted more than 6 months) less than 1 year ago :


If you are currently living an expatriation(for a period greater than 6 months ) French version :


If you came back from an expatriation assignment (that lasted more than 6 months) less than 1 year ago French version :


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Tea with friends to celebrate HRM Elizabeth II’s birthday

Queen Elizabeth II turned 89 years old this year.

Queen's tea 7

I was among the throngs of British who celebrated, but not by waving to the Royal Family as they stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Queen's tea 5

My celebration was much more fun as a guest of a fabulous woman who arranged one of 3 teas she will host for the occasion.

Tea for the Queen

And do pay attention to the china service as it is the same that the First Lady of The United States recently purchased for the White House. Class!


International food with a side of great conversation

International food

International Bring a Dish is such a good evening. I’m always amazed at the food and I think my broccoli pie was a hit. At least I only came home with one slice.

International ladies

But actually the best part is being able to talk to so many ladies from different countries. You’re guaranteed a laugh and to learn something new.


Away is good but home is better

Away is good but home is better

What a joy it was to leave rainy England to arrive in warm and sunny Sweden to visit family and friends and meet the latest edition to our family. Nothing brings the family together like food.


And there is nothing better than seeing the sea and my Swede calls this part of Sweden paradise. As the Swedes say,

“away is good but home is better”.


Allotment woes

It’s my fault the weeding hasn’t been done. The weather hasn’t helped but that’s no excuse. What do I expect? We don’t live in the Med.

But the spinach just won’t stop growing. Salad is coming up, beets too. Oh, and strawberries. Rhubard is invincible it seems.

But where are our carrots? My Swede planted so much I can’t remember what else is not showing life yet.

allotment woes 20150602_170004

But on we go! And the amount of lettuces and herbs for cooking we’re growing at home is inspiring. We won’t give up.