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My $25 Mother’s Day present

The best Mother’s Day present I could give my mother that costs less than $25 would be to prepare a typical Swedish meal. Since I moved to Sweden I try very hard to share my Swedish experiences with my mother and on the two occasions that she has visited Sweden, she has enjoyed the food. But there is much traditional Swedish food left for her to try. And what better way to show my love than through homemade food with love as the first ingredient?

The Swedes love summer and since it is so short almost every day of summer is celebrated, the first one being Mid Summer (midsommar). So for Mother’s Day my take on the traditional Swedish midsommar meal is my gift. We will not only share time together and food, but a taste of a culture and a window into my life in Sweden.

sill and potatoes
My meal would resemble this….without the bread.


several kinds of pickled herring

boiled new potatoes with dill

sour cream with chives

raw red onions

cold beer

strawberries and cream

Here are approximate prices (SEK is Swedish kroner) for my menu items keeping in mind that buying the store brand will make the costs even lower.

2 jars of sill @ 25 SEK/each = $7.66
1 kilo new potatoes @ 9.90 SEK/kilo = $1.50
fresh dill @17.90 SEK/plant = $2.74
sour cream @11.90 SEK/2 dl = $1.70
chives @17.90 SEK/plant = $2.74
1 red onion @ 3.11 SEK = $0.47
whipping cream @11.40 SEK = $1.74
fresh strawberries @19.90 SEK = $3.05 (this price is cheaper in the summer when local berries are abundant)
Falcon beer 330ml @ 9.90 = 1.52
Total = $23.12 (tax included)

What gift would you give your mother for $25 or less? Share your ideas with Nerd Wallet  and you could win a cool prize.

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