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Spring is in the air! ToStockholm’s March 2015 Newsletter


It has been a strange winter – not much snow and the ice didn’t settle for long on the lakes and sea. Now we can look forward to spring around the corner with longer days. Don’t forget to change your watches on the 29th of March!


The worlds largest cross-country ski race (90km) – and possibly the oldest, takes place this year on Sunday the 8th of March.

In 1520, a nobleman Gustav Ericsson Vasa tried to convince the men of Mora to start a rebellion against King Christian II of Denmark (known in Sweden as Christian the Tyrant).

The men would not join the rebellion and Gustav headed towards Norway to seek refuge. However, the men of Mora changed their minds and two brothers were sent out into the snow on skis, to catch up with Gustav.

They caught up with Gustav in Sälen. On the 6th of June three years later, Gustav Ericsson Vasa was crowned King of Sweden. That is one of the reasons why we celebrate the National Day of Sweden on the 6th of June.

Blueberry soup

(Blueberry soup)

Last year more than 44 000 liters of “Blåbärssoppa” was consumed during Vasaloppet. It is traditionally served to the participants during the race. You should try it, it is delicious and full of vitamins! It can be served hot or cold

– also together with some whipped cream.

March in Sweden


8 March – International Women’s Day

20 March – Vårdagjämningen – Spring Equinox

25 March – Vårfrudagen
Waffel Day

The Stockholm Archipelago
Why not enjoy a three hour brunch cruise on board S/S Stockholm and experience the beautiful Stockholm archipelago at this time of the year. It departs at noon every Saturday and Sunday and they serve a delicious Swedish buffet with a fabulous spread of desserts to go with your coffee. http://www.stromma.se

If you are interested in contemporary art you can visit the yearly “Vårsalongen” (a jury-selected Spring exhibition) on Djurgården at Liljevalchs. http://www.liljevalchs.se

Don’t miss the “Pompeii” exhibition that runs until the 18th of May. http://www.millesgarden.se/

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