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Training for life

When I asked a PhD scientist and pharmaceutical executive last night about the merits of a recent report touting 3 glasses of champagne a week for dementia sufferers I was hopeful he would agree. Perhaps he would even say start drinking it now to ward off the disease.

Yay! I did it.

2013 Tjejmilen. I did it! Photo: J. Lind

What he did say is that regular exercise and a controlled diet are the keys to fighting dementia. I get to Zumba once a week in a good month but not every month is as good as others. I’ve completed two 10k’s and one 5k over a three year period.

What if I could train in the comfort of my own home? Would I train more? Would I train harder? Smarter? Well I would certain have access and opportunity.

I did it again! Tjejmilen 2015.

2015 Tjejmilen. I did it again! Photo: J. Lind

Whether it’s Zumba once a month (if I’m lucky) or a 10k every other year I’m convinced I have to train. I have to exercise. I need it. Not only does it fight off diseases like dementia, it’s good for the expat soul.

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