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SI launches Swedishness – a podcast explaining Sweden

Swedish phenomena like fika and parental leave may fascinate and/or confuse non-Swedes. The podcast ‘Swedishness’ aims to give new perspectives on all things Swedish. Released on 27 January.

‘I think many people around the world have an image of Sweden that is positive, but pretty shallow,’ host Kattis Ahlström says. ‘Many probably still associate our country with blonde people and an extensive welfare system. Sweden is so much more than that.’

Together with co-host Philip O’Connor, an Irish journalist who has lived in Sweden for 18 years, Kattis Ahlström interviews Swedish and non-Swedish experts. The podcast is in English and will be released in seven episodes about everything from parental leave and digital technology to Swedish tradition, Swedes and happiness.

An official Sweden podcast

‘Swedishness’ has been produced by the Swedish Institute in cooperation with production company Nice One. SI always strives to find new channels and formats in which to communicate Sweden to a global audience. With ‘Swedishness’, Sweden gets its first official podcast about Sweden and Swedes, about known and unknown Swedish phenomena.

‘The pod format is optimal to communicate a deeper and balanced image of Sweden that both engages and amuses,’ SI project manager Emma Randecker says. ‘We want to show Sweden as modern and open, an individualistic yet humane society.’

The three first episodes are launched on SoundCloud and iTunes on 27 January 2017. After that, one episode will be released every Friday for the four following weeks.

Find the podcast:

  • ‘Swedishness’ on SoundCloud
  • ‘Swedishness’ on iTunes

27 January:
#1 Swedish parental leave – as gender egalitarian as it gets?
#2 Will Sweden be first to be run by robots?
#3 Swedes – the happiest or loneliest people in the world?

3 February:
#4 The world’s oldest free press. So what?

10 February:
#5 Do Swedes actually do any work?

17 February:
#6 Is the Swedish start-up scene as hot as they say?

24 February:
#7 Midsummer and the Swedish sin

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