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Hen party!

Source: Transparency Language


Hen is a new pronoun in Swedish. It is a gender neutral pronoun that many people mean was needed very much to fill a hole in the Swedish language. The purpose of the pronoun isn’t to gender-neutralize a person but more like not revealing gender in cases when you don’t want to, or not important. However, it is also used as a collective pronoun instead or writing “he/or she can decide if…” we can simply write “hen can decide if…”. So I personally  really feel that this is one of the most useful area in the language. The Swedish newspaper called “hen” as the you Swedish export product, hoping that it will be used in other countries too. Germanic languages would needed.


On the other hand there are other Finno-Ugric and Turkish-speaking nations who use gender-neutral pronoun. Finnish: Hän, Hungarian: Ö etc.

The Swedish Daily Newspaper thinks it is Sweden’t biggest export product. In Norwegian they started to use hen, in Danish høn and in Icelandic hán as well. English has been a little more conservative when it comes to hen. English had tried a few alternative variations: ce, ze xo but without any results. källa: Dagens Nyheter

The Swedish language has already a gender neutral way to talk about things in general man but recently it has also been exchanged by hen in many cases. Many people find this revolutionary and historic from a language point of view because we have been witnessing such a major change in the Swedish language in our lifetime.


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