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Global Primary for Democrats Abroad – See you there!

Democrats AbroadGLOBAL PRIMARY MAY 1 and MAY 6

On May 1 and May 6, Democrats Abroad Stockholm will elect our delegates to the Democratic National Convention in September. You choose candidates that are pledged to the Presidential candidate of your choice. 


The delegates we elect will help shape the Democratic Party Platform. This is one more way that Democrats Abroad can voice the policy interests of all Americans abroad, such as taxation, citizen rights and obligations, as well as issues of global consequence such as the environment, migration and financial regulation. 

Our delegates will answer the roll call at the Convention to cast their votes for the Presidential candidate we prefer. Millions of Americans at the Convention and watching on TV will see our delegates and understand that we are a force in the democratic process, despite the fact that we live abroad. 


On both days, Tuesday May 1 and Sunday May 6 we will be in the lobby of the Scandic Anglais Hotel, HumlegŒrdsgatan 23, between 4-7 pm. 

In addition to casting your primary ballot, you can join Democrats Abroad, register to vote in the November General Election, participate in an international survey of policy preferences, find out what activities are already planned for the Summer and Fall, volunteer to help out, and enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee. So, if you have already voted in your state primary and therefore are not eligible to vote in this one, there is still good reason to come. 



Go to the above site to request your ballot. DO THIS BY THE APRIL 30 DEADLINE. Help us send a message to Washington that there are lots of concerned Americans abroad with the power to vote and make a difference.

Editor’s note: Here’s one more reason to vote:

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