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Change of Tyres

Prepare for winter and change your tyres. During the period from 1 December to 31 March, there are special requirements in Sweden for winter tyres. For more information:


30 October – 5 November
Autumn School Holiday

4 November – Allhelgonsdagen
(All Saints Day)
This is the day when Swedes visit the graves of their deceased relatives and light candles by the tombstones. It is worthwhile visiting one of the graveyards at dusk – a beautiful sight to see all the candles burning!

6 November – Gustav Adolfsdagen
Commemorating King Gustav II Adolf’s death in 1632 as he was riding out into battle on his horse Streiff. This nearly 400-year horse can still be seen (albeit dead) at the The Royal Armoury in Stockholm.

10 November
Mårten Gås – St Martin’s Day
Mostly celebrated in the south of Sweden – Skåne where they feast on black soup (I will leave it to your imagination to guess what the soup is made of!), roast goose then topping it all off with a homemade apple cake (below is a simple “Fyriskaka” recipe). Restuarant Ulla Winbladh serves a

St Martin’s Day menu 9-12/11

12 November – Father’s Day

FYRISKAKAA delicious apple cake – enjoy!


  • 500 g apples
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 110 g melted butter
  • 140 g all-purpose flour
  • 80 g brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 0.5 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons of brown sugar with the cinnamon. Peel apples and cut them into slices. Put them in the bowl with sugar and toss gently to cover them completely. Set aside.
In another bowl, mix the melted butter with the remaining sugar. Add the cardamom powder and eggs and mix well with a whisk.
Mix the flour with the baking powder and add this to the batter.
Brush a round baking tray (21-23 cm wide) with some butter and dust with breadcrumbs. Pour the dough and flatten it gently. Place the apple slices in the batter in a circular formation.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for 30 – 40 minutes. Serve Fyriskaka warm with some vanilla ice-cream or custard sauce….or just as it is!
Have you ever visited Artipelag out at Värmdö? This beautiful art hall was founded by Björn Jakobson, owner of the baby product company Babybjörn. On exhibit now is “The Eye of the Storm” by contemporary artist duo Bigert & Bergström. During this exhibition, there is a free bus service on weekends from Vasagatan in Stockholm out to Värmdö. Don’t miss a stop at their restaurant who also serve a Traditional Christmas Buffet.
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Last weekend the Swedish military showed their stuff

At least some of it anyway.

The Swedish military is conducting a huge military exercise the size of which has not been seen in 23 years. It is called AURORA 17 – STRONGER DEFENCE TOGETHER. Here are the brief facts (Source: Forsvarsmakten)

Facts about Aurora 17

Mission: build a stronger defence and increase the overall capability to face an attack on Sweden.

Number of participants: more than 19,000 from the Swedish Armed Forces, in addition to personnel from a number of authorities and military units from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Lithuania, Norway and the USA.

Training period: September 2017

Training area: all of Sweden, but the main exercise areas will be the Mälardalen and Stockholm areas, on and around Gotland, and the Gothenburg area.

Swedish military
Photo: J. Lind

Last weekend the military invited Stockholmers to Swedish Military Day that took place a hop, skip and a jump away from where we live. Here are a few of my Swede’s photos.

Swedish military
Photo: J. Lind
Swedish military
Photo: J. Lind

I found this video on YouTube.


Awin Fashion Day


So I didn’t get invited to Stockholm Fashion Week but I did get invited to Awin Fashion Day last week. The audience was bloggers and advertisers. And what a day it was.

Awin Fashion Day

The event could not have taken place at a nice location. The Fotografiska Museum is on the water in Stockholm and commands fantastic views. In fact, my Swede walked me there with the hopes of seeing an American destroyer in town as part of a massive military exercise.  But the destroyer had moved and I digress.

Awin Fashion Day
Morning mingle in the exhibition room with delicious blueberry smoothies.

Registration began at 12.30. Awin Nordics Managing Director, Tim Lomborg welcomed everyone and outlined how our day will play out. And it started with a bang with an excellent presentation by Jesper Åström titled Creating Growth in a Networked World.

Awin Fashion day
A captive and captivated audience.

Josh Wallin, the Chief Operating Officer of Tailify gave the keynote address about The Power of Social Media Influencers. Turns out you don’t have to a reality TV star to be a social media influencer. The dream lives on!

Awin Fashion Day
Line ’em up!

Following the coffee break during which I enjoyed several cups of rooibos tea, the models did a run through for the Awin Fashion Show sponsored by Ellos. We were welcomed back in just in time to grab a glass of bubbly. Nice!

Awin Fashion Day
It was like walking and drinking in sunshine.

Doesn’t it look pretty? It even matches my shoes. It was a fashion event after all.

Awin Fashion Day
Then I spent the next few minutes enjoying a cool music set by DJ Wonekai.

Awin Fashion Day
The DJ rocked it. And I loved sitting in the front row.

Then it was just sip, sip, look, look, and note the trends. Sorry, I only took snaps of the fellas, but hey, I exercised my ladies’ prerogative 😉

Awin Fashion Day

Awin Fashion Day

Awin Fashion Day

Awin Fashion Day

Awin Fashion Day
As for the women’s trends, I noticed for fall, black, grey and white sneakers rules. Red is red hot. Short boots are in. So is burgundy or as it is called here aubergine, along with velvet,suede, silk, and leather. Work boots work too.

Awin Fashion Day
I love the leather (look?) leggings. I tried on a pair at COS years ago I should have snagged. I just couldn’t agree with the price tag.

And the fashion coordinator, Maryem N of Awin did an excellent job of ensuring a diverse selection of models proving that fashion isn’t about size but rather attitude.

Awin Fashion Day
There is the gorgeous Maryem in jeans on the right out front basking in the glory.

Awin Fashion Day
And you know we got soul.

I couldn’t help but introduce myself to the young DJ. I was so proud of her! I learned she’s a recent high school graduate and is currently studying at Stockholm University. If I can find her any DJ gigs I will. I want her for my next party! Maryem, on the far right, the same Maryem that organized the fashion show is someone I met years ago. She actually stood me up for lunch last month but made up for it by giving me an exclusive and rare Awin Fashion ay fashion show t-shirt. I love limited editions.

Awin Fashion Day
I got my t-shirt.

After the fashion show and bubbly it was back to work, or at least back to learning. Sara Narvus and her colleague shared the secrets of the success behind Norway’s Nettavisen Spray news website. The education ended with A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing presented by Ben Mullen, a fellow American and Sr. Business Development and Client Strategy Manager at Awin.


I must say I was inspired by each presentation and learned tons. I also met three Americans, a few Swedes, a German, a young lady from the former Yugoslavia and was treated to wine, nibbles and a very decent swag bag.


Nice things happen to me in Sweden.


Thank goodness for the American Women’s Club Stockholm

Because there is nothing like sisterhood when you live in a foreign country

And this holds true whether you are a new arrival to Stockholm or have lived here 40 years. And the sisterhood feels especially nice when you’ve been away for 4 years and are welcomed back into the fold with (literally) open arms.

American Women's Club Stockholm

So in one week, I attended the welcome back wine (of course) and a luncheon on the top floor with a view. And there were a couple of movie nights, after works (happy hours) on rooftops, and another luncheon I could not attend. August and September have been chocker block. But there is another great evening planned for next week as well as plenty in the coming months.

And the club members make it all worthwhile. We’re a mix of seasoned professionals, students, designers, mothers, entrepreneurs running charities and thriving enterprises, journalists, web shop owners, sports enthusiasts, government employees, and o course, more. Not a dull one in the bunch.

So, no need to feel alone or lonely. There is sisterhood waiting. Nice things happen to me in Sweden.


Internations Turns 10 – Stockholm Party



Stockholm Celebrates — InterNations Turns 10!


Sat 07 Oct 2017 18:00
Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel
Albatross Member Free
Basic Member SEK80
Not signed up for event SEK100
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