Hollywood Skin

My Hollywood Skin Results Here in Sweden

I can’t wait to see what happens during the next 30 days.

Expats really need to believe in self love.

I am taking self love very seriously. I have never put myself first, or so it seems, except maybe for when I moved to Europe. Even still the partners in my life took priority as I saw it as part and parcel of living with the one I loved.

I am old school like that. I saw my maternal grandmother put my maternal grandfather first and in turn he gave her everything she wanted. I saw them travel the world together, lead a church together and loves us grandchildren up like no others (my paternal grandmother did world travel solo and my paternal grandfather was a University Dean. Knowing this is empowering because blending the two ethos is a powerful potion). That made sense to me for years until I realized that if I don’t put myself first, no one else will.

Enter Stockholm Beauty Week, my bloggers pass and my introduction to a plethora of hair and skin care products, including Hollywood Skin, developed and made here in Sweden. The timing could not have been better. Now I had an arsenal of new products to try, new routines to establish, and a dedication to put me first.

My neck and decollatage on June 26.

So my neck and my dec thank me. And we all thank Hollywood Skin for creating products that deliver real results.

My neck and decollatage on July 26.

I’ll make another check on August 26 to see how I’m improving, if at all and if you want to buy and try Hollywood Skin use my link: http://www.HollywoodSkin.com/ageorgegal


Want pizza in Frillesås? Reale Pizzeria gives you that and more


There was a place called Mona Lisa pizza in Frillesås for as long as mu Swede can remember. And that’s a long time considering his father built the summer house in Frillesås in 1964.


Reale Pizzeria
Kid’s play area.

Believe me when I said it had seen better days by the time I came on the scene in 2005ish. Now it is gone. It has been transformed into Little Beirut. We haven’t been there yet but I’m willing to give it a try as I like Lebanese food.

Reale Pizzeria
Salad pizza, plain and water flavored with mint and orange.

I like to come and hydrate. Their flavored water always hits the pot. Weather it is the lemon water on the counter or the mint and orange water I discovered today, I rarely if ever order a beverage.

My falafel salad.Pizze Reale does special orders, like switching out the kebab meat for falafel in my salad, which was huge.

Reale Pizzeria

Reale PIzzeria
Historic pictures of the village

The owners have spiffed up the exterior. I like how they are taking this restaurant seriously and creating something nice for the villagers.

The service here is excellent. The staff is friendly and the prices are fair and the portions are large. And they let me sit and use the Internet which is unusual here. People don’t come here to get on their computers, they come here to eat and drink. But when you have unreliable Internet at the summer house and have things to do that you can’t do on your phone, you come here and enjoy!


Nice things happen to me in Sweden.


Use Yolla to holla at loved ones in other countries.

Have friends and relatives living abroad? Waste too much money on calls overseas?


Meet Yolla – calling app that is different. Our calling rates across the globe are cheap, plus we feature a flexible bonus program, while calls between Yolla users are always free.

Only for Stockholm Expat readers: use STOEX promo code to get extra $3 on calls!

Yolla is a mobile app for iOS and Android which serves to make international calls to any mobile or landline phone. Unlike other apps, Yolla keeps your phone number, and friends and family members you are calling always know it’s you.

Get Yolla and start calling smart: https://yollacalls.com/STOEX

Please apply the promo code STOEX right after you install the app 🙂.

Editor’s note: I tried Yolla when I was in Salisbury, England and my Swedish Calling plan didn’t work. I had to call my sister in the US and hopped on the hotel wifi. It worked. Like any other app reliant on the Internet, it will only be as good as your connection.

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