The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from Sweden last week

The Good LGBT Travel: Sweden Named Most Friendly Country Read the article on Forbes.com.   The Bad Impeachment hearings and donated prison clothes: A$AP Rocky’s Sweden drama just won’t end Read the article on the Washington Post website. The Ugly Shock Poll Has Sweden Nationalists More Emboldened Than Ever Read the article on Bloomberg.com.

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Hollywood Skin

120 days since starting Hollywoodskin.com for my neck and décolletage

I’m hanging in there! Even though I wasn’t perfect.

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Sisterhood Agenda

An expat in Stockholm wins the Sisterhood of Greatness Award

Black Women in Europe and I are one of the Sisterhood of Greatness Award Winners! I will humbly and hopefully graciously accept this award next month in DC with my family there to support me, including my Swede. Thank you Sisterhood Agenda!
“Sisterhood Agenda is proud to announce the extraordinary individuals and agencies that comprise our Sisterhood of Greatness Award winners.
Sisterhood of Greatness Award
On Sisterhood Agenda’s 25th Anniversary we choose to serve as a beacon of light and love that celebrates sisters who have given voice and wings for others to soar and reach their potential.
We recognize the following extraordinary, courageous, unstoppable women and celebrate the path they chose to make a difference. This historical moment will be etched in the spirits and in the halls of the sacred and historical space celebrating our gender, history, and culture in Washington, DC”.
Sisterhood of Greatness Award
Read what fantastic company I find myself in.
Kultuhuset Stadsteater

Woza Albert!

By Percy Mtwa, Mbongeni Ngema and Barney Simon

Woza Albert!

Jesus has come back to earth, and has chosen to do so in South Africa – during the apartheid era. The black population is treated as second class citizens. Jesus, or Morena as he is called, preaches justice and peace – messages that do not go home with the white, Christian power elite. And it doesn’t help that Morena is black. The power elite’s answer? Atombomba him!

Woza Albert! is a political satire that was first played in 1981 at The Market Theater in Johannesburg. In Woza Albert! figures several real people like Nelson Mandela and Albert Luthuli. Luthuli was president of the ANC from 1952 and received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against apartheid in 1960. Woza Albert! just means “Get up Albert!” The title has been seen as a call to wake more black leaders in the fight against apartheid.

The show is played in Swedish, Xhosa and English.

The play is performed with permission from The Market Theater and with the support of the Cultural Council, the Stockholm Region and the Stockholm City Administration.

The Scandinavian premiere has already sold out! Yay! Click here for ticket information.


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