Seen in Stockholm at Fältöversten

Fältöversten can be a cool place to hang

Blooming all over.


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My craziest supper club experience ever

I will let the pictures do the talking. It was a March Madness and April Fools theme with the tricks starting at the front door.

supper club

Here is me telling 3 stories. One is not true and the ladies had to guess which one. Fun!

I think I am getting quizzed about my stories…

And in between the stories and drinks and food was fun!

And look at the amazing dinner table!

Simply love the table!

This is when we drank Port through our fingers……won’t give it all away on how.

And is here is our Beef Wellington that was actually salmon.

More fun!

Yet more fun!

Check out her tutu.

Say, cheese!



Another night of supper club fun

Our Mexican themed supper club.

I’ll let the pictures do all of the talking.

supper club supper club supper club supper club supper club

Big fun!


My arancini workshop was delicious fun.

Food has been a great medium when bringing us all together

Our set up for the arancini workshop. What is not pictured is the egg for dipping and the bowl of water for moistening your hands. We learned that you can get creative with the fillings but the bolognese sauce is traditional.

I can’t believe that we will be leaving our little slice of paradise known as “the bubble” to move back to Stockholm. Don’t get me wrong. I am so looking forward to getting back to Sweden and I plan to take the Best of Britain with me.

That’s me on the far right next to our instructor who is walking us through making a smaller size arancini ball with our hands. She also showed us how to use the arancini mold.

Part of that best is the love of food and how well it works as part of a winning formula for making friends. Especially international friends because food is a great translator and equalizer.

Here I am on the left cutting a piece of mozzarella cheese to put in my arancini mold.

I loved all of the fillings we had. So many that it was hard to choose.


They absolutely must be deep fried.
The finished product!

I’m smack dab in the middle on the back row smiling brightly. Seeing all of us together makes me smile brightly again.



SI launches Swedishness – a podcast explaining Sweden

Swedish phenomena like fika and parental leave may fascinate and/or confuse non-Swedes. The podcast ‘Swedishness’ aims to give new perspectives on all things Swedish. Released on 27 January.

‘I think many people around the world have an image of Sweden that is positive, but pretty shallow,’ host Kattis Ahlström says. ‘Many probably still associate our country with blonde people and an extensive welfare system. Sweden is so much more than that.’

Together with co-host Philip O’Connor, an Irish journalist who has lived in Sweden for 18 years, Kattis Ahlström interviews Swedish and non-Swedish experts. The podcast is in English and will be released in seven episodes about everything from parental leave and digital technology to Swedish tradition, Swedes and happiness.

An official Sweden podcast

‘Swedishness’ has been produced by the Swedish Institute in cooperation with production company Nice One. SI always strives to find new channels and formats in which to communicate Sweden to a global audience. With ‘Swedishness’, Sweden gets its first official podcast about Sweden and Swedes, about known and unknown Swedish phenomena.

‘The pod format is optimal to communicate a deeper and balanced image of Sweden that both engages and amuses,’ SI project manager Emma Randecker says. ‘We want to show Sweden as modern and open, an individualistic yet humane society.’

The three first episodes are launched on SoundCloud and iTunes on 27 January 2017. After that, one episode will be released every Friday for the four following weeks.

Find the podcast:

27 January:
#1 Swedish parental leave – as gender egalitarian as it gets?
#2 Will Sweden be first to be run by robots?
#3 Swedes – the happiest or loneliest people in the world?

3 February:
#4 The world’s oldest free press. So what?

10 February:
#5 Do Swedes actually do any work?

17 February:
#6 Is the Swedish start-up scene as hot as they say?

24 February:
#7 Midsummer and the Swedish sin