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Media coverage from US election watch parties from across Sweden

De hoppas på Obama. Deedee Gierow, DASweden Kalmar Chapter Chair Click this text to read the story the the Barometern.    Click on the 16-16:30 segment from this link then start it at the 14:27 place on the segment to hear Kalmar chapter chair Deedee Gierow's interview on Swedish radio.    "Four more years" Democrats abroad i Göteborg firar …

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Global Primary for Democrats Abroad – See you there!

GLOBAL PRIMARY MAY 1 and MAY 6 On May 1 and May 6, Democrats Abroad Stockholm will elect our delegates to the Democratic National Convention in September. You choose candidates that are pledged to the Presidential candidate of your choice.  WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The delegates we elect will help shape the Democratic Party Platform. …

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