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Live from Stockholm, it’s the US Presidential Election

There were two major events in Stockholm last where Americans and Swedes came together to watch the US Presidential Election results come in. Combined there were well over 1,000 people in attendance. Other than Barack Obama’s historic and decisive victory, here are the highlights from the Democrats Abroad Sweden Election Watch Party at the Scandic …

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US Election Watch – Get your Ticket Before 17h00

Democrats Abroad Election Watch 2008 Tickets available at ticnet.se searching for election watch. Moderators: Emalee Mandl and Annika Jankell (The program will be held in English) Program (21.00-24.00) Arrival 21.00 Bill Borden, chair, Democrats Abroad Sweden, 21:35 – 21:40 welcomes and introduces moderators MODERATORS Annika Jankell & 21:40 – 21:45 Emalee Mandl Music: Sara Dawn …

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