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Ballot mailed. Check. The push continues to raise the overseas vote.

I’m an overseas voter I finally posted my absentee ballot to ensure that my overseas vote would reach voting officials way ahead of the deadline. So what now? Oh, let’s see: Attend the International Conference Call of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, stay up super late or watch the replays of the Presidential candidate debates, continue …

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Stockholm Expat.com is part of the 2012 Democrats Abroad Delegation to the DNC Convention in Charlotte as a delegate

At the recent Global Convention Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Democrats Abroad announced that President Barack Obama had won the organization’s Global Primary. The Democrats Abroad Global Primary was conducted May 1-6, 2012 at more than 90 voting centers in 33 countries. “There was an overwhelming show of support for President Obama and his many accomplishments, including …

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Global Primary for Democrats Abroad – See you there!

GLOBAL PRIMARY MAY 1 and MAY 6 On May 1 and May 6, Democrats Abroad Stockholm will elect our delegates to the Democratic National Convention in September. You choose candidates that are pledged to the Presidential candidate of your choice.  WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The delegates we elect will help shape the Democratic Party Platform. …

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