Drop in weddings, Swedish style at Skansen on June 12th

As part of the Love theme celebration surrounding Princess Victoria’s wedding in June Skansen is having a drop in wedding day on June 12th. Here’s my rough translation of the plug:

Take your loved one in hand and take the plunge! Welcome to the Drop-in marriage June 12 at 12-16 at Tingsvallen.

You can also renew your vows or have a blessing. A civil and religious marriage registrar is provided as well as two witnesses.

Any civil ceremony takes about 10 minutes. The religious ceremony will take about 20 minutes and that includes a mandatory conversation between the priest and the bride and groom before the wedding.

For both the civil and religious marriage ceremonies there are requirements including a certificate of marriage that you order from the Tax Office, which takes about a week. Do not forget to have them with you on the wedding day! Free admission for the two to be married. Other wedding guests pay regular Skansen entrance.

If you want music, you can choose a nice song from our repertoire that our musicians are playing on the spot.

Binding of the bridal bouquet and Corsage available for cost. A simple wedding menu / tasting menu is available for purchase at Skansen’s restaurants.

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