Nice things happen to me in Sweden – Just hanging with my Swede

It was one of the those beautiful days in Stockholm that come in May that you have waited for since last November. Everyone gets out of the house because no one is sure if this is as good as it’s going to get for the rest of the year.

We were no exception. My Swede pumped up my tires and led me on what turned out to be an 8 English miles bike ride, and we took the easy tour. We rode across the big field in Gärdet down some trail until we ended up at the water. We stopped and drank water on a bench next to a boat club while my Swede pointed ways across to the other side and explained that we would end up cycling past that spot.

Hanging with my Swede

We cycled past or around Skansen but before there we passed restaurants with their decks full of people, ice cream kiosks with long lines of parents buying ice creams for their children and all along there were, people, many, many people lying out in the sun, having picnics, laughing and smiling, all grateful for a sunny and fairly warm day in Stockholm.

My lovely Swede and a beer

As a reward for my cycling efforts my Swede took me to a lovely restaurant that is only open in the warm months that overlooks the water and the park and was very dog friendly. They even had a doggy menu. Days like that are very nice. It’s not only nice to get some fresh air and exercise, but it’s extremely nice to have quality time with your mate. How nice! Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

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