The best thing to happen in Stockholm for the last 6 years

Believe it or not, I am still recovering from the 3 days that comprised Stockholm Beauty Week from May 13th – 15th. I miss it!

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I mean, the 3-day extravaganza had its own theme song! And a dance number. It was theater! Complete with a beautiful stage and theater seating and lights, cameras and tons of action.

I love that! I’ve never attended an an exhibition that had its own theme song. But then again during the past 6 years, I have never attended Stockholm Beauty Week.

Maria Forssén founder of Stockholm Beauty Week Photo credit Jenny Gunnarsson

Stockholm Beauty Week is no ordinary exhibition. It started with a purpose from the very beginning, not to just highlight beauty brands and trends, but to make a difference.

We have had an organic and sustainable focus since the start, it is not a trend, it is a must. – Maria Forssén founder of Stockholm Beauty Week

Being ahead of the curve is something Sweden is often credited with when it comes to the environment, gender equality and music. But maybe not when it comes to beauty. Those days may be numbered.

Just a smidgen of the beauty products represented at Stockholm Beauty Week

In truth, Sweden has several world class beauty brands that I will introduce you to in subsequent posts. For now I want you to get a feel for how massively exciting Stockholm Beauty Week was to attend.

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Opening day of #stockholmbeautyweek was yesterday. The buzz was incredible. Check it out. #sisterhoodinsweden

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You know how it feels when you get somewhere and the excitement is in your face?!?! That is how it felt upon arrival. I hope you can feel the energy from my first run through video. EN.ER.GY!

YouTube and Insta star Sabina Deciree

I was not only excited to be there because I am a beauty junkie, but because I had registered for several presentations, workshops, and demonstrations. Stockholm Beauty Week provides an opportunity for the public and professionals alike to learn, learn, learn! There were roughly 5 dozen such opportunities and I booked in as many as possible per day. And before I could even get to my seat I ran into the beautiful and humble Sabina Deciree.

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And because we were in the heart of beautiful Stockholm at the amazing Musikaliska, we got the bonus of Royal horses going by. Come on, you have to admit Stockholm is beautiful!

Goodie bags waiting for presentation attendees.

Some of the fun stuff was attending launch presentations. One was exclusively for 100% natural and ecological brands (more on those later when I can show you the brands and tell you how the smell, feel and work).

More fun was getting free treatments. For example I got my eyebrows strengthened by a beauty school student. I recorded the process because I had never had this done before. It was told to expect the results to last for 2 – 3 weeks. I am on day 6ish now and as am happy as I was in the video above (just click through to view).

Models from the opening day fashion show. Photo credit Jenny Gunnarsson

One of the highlights of day one and of the entire week is the opening day fashion show. Believe it or not I didn’t see it because I opted to hang out longer in the Doft (fragrance) Bar. It smelled so good in there, I was having so much fun, and I met lovely people.

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Dofta (their presentation above) was a big part of the Fragrance bar but they weren’t the only draw. I’m telling you this was a great 3 days! More on the Fragrance bar experience coming up.

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My friends asked if black women were represented during Stockholm Beauty Week. My answer is a resounding YES! From models, to participants, to influencers to brands: we were included.

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I indulged in a facial. Suddenly my skin is so dry. I was hoping to find relief. Here is how it went. I hope the pictures and video do the experience justice.

Swedish brands are using models that look normal to me but may be non-traditional to some. Inclusivity!

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And no good first day of anything in Stockholm is complete without a good after work to send you on your way home. I’m not sure how, but Stockholm Beauty Week was able to offer a special after work at the beautifully located Strand Hotel on the water. Wine was only 60 SEK. I repeat, wine was only about $6 a glass. Unheard of in that location and rarely found anywhere in the city.

I was able to enjoy that glass with two friends and Board members of the International Women’s Club of Stockholm which is fitting indeed. Stockholm Beauty Week bought in brands from not only Sweden but also England, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and the US.

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Day 2 run through at #stockholmbeautyweek. Still have more to see, show and experience.

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By the time Day 2 rolled around I had already made a friend I would spend the day with. We have been emailing each other ever since. She even called me yesterday and we talked about life. I just adore her. I find that amazing because who makes real friends with strangers at a beauty fair?

I can’t wait for the 7th Stockholm Beauty Week in 2020. But until then, I’ll share more details about the products I was able to take home. Nice this happen to me in Sweden.

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