Being far away doesn’t mean missing out on special events

Paperless Post makes sending beautiful cards easy

Paperless Post
My Paperless Post design for my parents. I scheduled it to be delivered via email one day early.


My parents will celebrate a special wedding anniversary next month. I’ll always miss not being with them on an ordinary day. But missing holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are especially hard.


That is the downside of expat life for me: being the one who is away for the special times.


This year I am doing something differently. I am sending a card in the mail, a Paperless Post card via email, I am calling and I will raise a toast to my parents wedding anniversary here in Stockholm.


Paperless Post
The most difficult part was deciding which card to send.


Creating the Paperless Post card was easy. They have tons of beautiful designs from which to choose and from there I can choose colors, fonts, and add my own text. I can spruce up the envelope and makes things a clean and simple and I like.  I can even choose from various designers. Designing the card was actually cathartic and eased the homesickness that is always with me. It made me feel like I was creating something custom and original that they would not receive from anyone else.


Paperless Post
There is bound to be something for every taste.


I will think of my 3 point plan as a coordinated roll out with the (1)  mail arriving before the (2) email. The (3) call will be on the day, and the toast on that evening. Stay as close to the ones you love as you can while you live far away. You don’t have to miss out on special event.

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