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Brits in Sweden Won’t Face Post-Brexit Headaches With their Drivers

Source: The Local British people resident in Sweden will be able to exchange their UK driving licences for an equivalent Swedish one, without needing to take a test, just as they could when the country was a member of the European Union, the country’s infrastructure ministry has decided. Sweden last November ruled that British people would …

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Real world solutions for making peace with food

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Is your weight a sore topic or are you uncomfortable with your eating habits? Diets are a dime a dozen but creating a plan to make your diet – the food you eat – work for you is something you can do in the real world.

Have you heard of Noom?

If you try Noom let me know how it works for you.


When you really have to watch your shows from home


2020 taught us a lot about what is possible, what is important, and what is irrelevant. We learned we can stay in, do without, and even do things we never thought we could.


But now that 2021 is here it’s time to take control of one thing just for you: your viewing pleasures from back home. Miss your AmazonPrime movies? Can’t access your favorite network? Do you get blocked even trying to read the hometown newspaper online?


Get a really good Virtual private Network (VPN) like Nord VPN and take advantage of the special offers. With your favorite shows at your fingertips, facing 2021 just got a little less lonely.


2.14.2021-What happened last week

M/S Estonia filmmakers acquitted, Västerbotten virus outbreak, Olympic swimmer fracture, millions watch Melodifestivalen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Melodifestivalen!

Booking restrictions on public transport, advice for people returning from abroad, Northvolt virus outbreak, weather warning

Covid vaccine delay, interest rate remains at zero percent, bags of cocaine found on Skåne beach

I know they have white sandy beaches down south but this isn’t what I meant.

End to positive Covid trend, UK variant hits battery factory, beef shortage

Where’s the beef?

Radio Sweden Weekly: vaccine delays and staying safe on the ice

Am I the only one that thinks of The Exorcist when someone mentions skating on frozen water?

Gov’t to tighten checks on explosives, Swedish biathlon gold, alcohol sales ban extended and corona-adapted ski race begins

Explosives? Can you say, Nobel?