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Request your absentee ballot today-VoteFromAbroad.org

Dear Adrianne — Happy New Year 2018! The midterm elections 2018 are our first major opportunity to hold the Republican Party accountable. They have been letting Trump get away with his attacks on the democratic institutions so important to everything we hold dear about the United States, while also destabilizing the world, making inequality worse, …

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Nice things happen to me in Sweden – My absentee ballot arrived

Voting in the United States is not the easiest thing to do when you live there. But as an expat it’s not that hard as long as you are vigilant. My absentee ballot came and my vote will be registered which is super nice. Participating in the electoral process is not optional for me. It’s …

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Nice things happen to me in Sweden – participating in the US mid-term elections

The mid-term elections in the US takes place on 2 November. Many states provide early voting. As an expat I requested an absentee ballot. I also received an invitation to vote digitally. But the “test” program had finished by the time I attempted to participate. I sent an email as instructed but have yet to …

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