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Living like IKEA-The wonderful everyday

Living like IKEA – The wonderful everyday

Nice things happen to me in Sweden and last week was no exception, even though the week did not end as expected. But that is the wonderful everyday, actually. Better than imagined. The serious topic can take on an air of fun when it means seeing old friends and meeting new ones in the context …

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Nice things happen to me in Sweden-33 days & no regrowth-Alexander sugaring the 2nd time

I’ve had two Alexander Sugaring hair removal treatments in my life, both in Stockholm, and both by my girl Kathy. The first time I was so impressed by how long I remained hairless. When it was time for the honeymoon prep I went back for more. And this time I am keeping track of exactly …

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Nice things happen to me in Sweden – Surrendering to the sugaring

Fellow expat and friend Kathy has her own business, Kathy Thompson Kroppsvård I have never liked the idea of using hot (ok warm) wax as a grooming tool for anything other than shaping eyebrows, so in this summer season I decided to try sugaring for that beach ready look. Kathy is the only person in …

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